Most eBooks are created in PDF format, and you’ll need a handy tool to open and read your books. Even though there are dozens of PDF readers online, we looked through them to bring you the best.

Most PDF readers allow you to open and view PDF documents in a few clicks, while an intuitive PDF reader can double as a PDF editor.

There are great reader apps for Android and Mac devices you should try out. We present 10 of the best eBook readers to help eBook lovers open and view PDF files without hassle.

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is one of the best PDF viewers for Android for obvious reasons. This PDF editor offers innovative controls to view and edit files. Smooth navigation, coupled with its interactive interface, makes PDF reading more enjoyable using Lumin PDF.

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More so, features like eSign, real-time sync, and collaboration will make you love the Lumin PDF reader. It also integrates other tools to let you insert notes and pages and convert Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations to PDF files.

This smart PDF opener lets you get creative with PDFs, and it’s perfect for individual and business owners.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is a PDF viewer that grants users flexibility when working with PDF files. It’s a collection of apps and features for personal and professional use.

While Soda PDF allows you to annotate, compress, fill and sign on your PDF files, the software also ensures you can protect your files with a few clicks.

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Soda PDF is free and perfect for reading eBooks from any device. It has a familiar interface to help new users get accustomed to using the tool. If you want more editing on Soda PDF, you can unlock advanced features on the reader.


ILovePDF is a dedicated PDF opener for viewing eBooks which also allows you to make changes to documents. It offers viewing and editing features that accelerate productivity in business or personal use.

This PDF reader software is free to use on your web browser and can secure, open, organize, and manage your PDFs. You can download the lightweight ILovePDF on your computer or mobile device and use it anywhere.

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Also free to use, ILovePDF remains one of the completely free tools to help you read and manipulate your documents.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is still a dominant PDF reader online, mainly because it created the PDF file format. This PDF tool allows you to connect to diverse cloud storage platforms like Adobe Document Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and MS OneDrive.

You can access whatever file storage and view PDFs on your mobile or desktop devices. Adobe lets you add audio to text reading, share files, and comment on PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat also grants PDF annotation features, extra security, and a multipurpose solution for PDF viewing and editing.

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Preview is the default PDF reader on Mac devices, but it goes beyond basic. Preview is an acceptable PDF file reader that lets you add images, annotate PDFs, and fill and sign documents.

If you have to share files or export a password-protected PDF, Preview can help you do it securely. Preview offers an excellent reason to operate personal and professional needs from one platform.

Preview stands as one of the best PDF editors for Mac, and it’s pretty sophisticated for old-fashioned viewing. This PDF reader allows you to connect to cloud storage and upload and retrieve files.

Slim PDF

Slim PDF offers core PDF viewing and advanced features for a tool smaller than Adobe Reader. If you assess files before you choose a PDF reader, Slim PDF should make a list.

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You can edit significantly with Slim PDF, including printing, rotating, and viewing PDF files. There’s a full-fledged PDF annotation toolbar, interactive interface, and form-filling feature to explore on the eBook reader.

Let’s also talk about how fast you can download this fine reader. Slim PDF creates the perfect opportunity to own a PDF reader that’s portable yet powerful.

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit is a versatile PDF tool with remarkable features that grants much more than reading pleasure. This PDF reader provides audio and video support to aid reading — quite an incredible deal if you’ll be reading a lot.

With Foxit PDF reader, you can create, edit, and save your PDF files on the cloud. Extensive editing features like PDF annotation, form-filling, and ConnectedPDF makes you more productive with your PDF files. Foxit allows you to invite others to work on a document, and you can control access to your PDFs.

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Secure your PDF documents on Foxit with passwords, certificates, and Microsoft RMS. Foxit appears to be tailored for professional uses, even though its reading features are excellent.

Xodo PDF Reader

Xodo PDF is one of the best free PDF readers with an extensive suite of tools to enhance PDF viewing. This is an all-in-one PDF solution designed for quick and easy navigation, conventional editing, and document security features.

When you download the Xodo PDF reader, you can view ebooks, magazines, digital catalogs, and comic books in 3D. More features like adding notes, bookmarks, or uploading to cloud storage help you edit and manage files better.

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Xodo will meet your reading needs and also help you do some online document editing. With the free reader app on your desktop or mobile device, reading PDF files kicks in differently.

Google PDF Reader

Google PDF is a PDF reader plugin available on Google Drive. It was designed as a simple extension for Google Drive users to open and view PDF files.

Probably one of the most basic reader apps on the planet, Google PDF reader always delivers when it comes to PDF viewing. It offers smooth navigation as well as cloud storage functionality. Note that this PDF reader doesn’t offer any editing features.

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Google Play Books

Google Play Books is Google’s solution to help users read books purchased from Kindle. Using this PDF file reader, you can keep a library of books and view PDFs on all devices.

Google Play Books won’t help you do any editing, but you can upload your PDFs to cloud storage. It’s a convenient PDF reader to help Amazon Kindle users open books purchased online. Google Play Books offers additional features to help you rent books, skim through ebooks, and add bookmarks.

This virtual library supports all file formats, including EPUB and comic book formats. Although Google Play Books is free to use, you’ll need to buy the books from the store.

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Good PDF reader apps make reading eBooks on your devices more interesting. There are a bunch of features that enhance readability and viewing pleasure.

The best PDF reader apps are free, easy to move around, and let you even edit your PDF documents. That’s why you should use the Lumin PDF reader, which offers stunning features for both PDF viewing and editing on one platform.

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