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Anti Aging Serum

Ideally, your skincare routine should be a smooth-running operation. Additionally, for real, long-lasting results, it takes time and consistency. For many of us, there are a couple key players in our daily skincare routine, but you might be missing a few essentials. Notably, anti aging serum and moisturizer could have a big impact on your skincare goals. Find out how to get the most out of your topical skincare products so you can enjoy skin that looks smoother, brighter, and firmer.

Know the Key Active Ingredients in Your Anti Aging Serum and Moisturizer

To address concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, you really need to know what ingredients work and have an idea of the science behind each one. Moisturizing with an anti aging serum or cream with hyaluronic acid temporarily plumps the appearance of your skin while antioxidants like vitamin C protect your skin from free radicals, for example. A big part of a product’s effectiveness comes down to the key active ingredients. The most effective formulas often contain clean, potent ingredients from nature and are perfected by science. Before picking up a new product, make sure to read the ingredient list and pay special attention to the key active ingredients listed near the top.

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Learn About Retinol as a Key Active Ingredient

Retinol is still the ultimate ingredient for addressing signs of aging skin. Over time, our bodies naturally lose vitamin A, contributing to the look of dull skin and wrinkles. Retinol is a powerhouse ingredient because it offers multiple benefits. It helps to brighten the look of skin, promote cell turnover, and improve skin discoloration, lines, and wrinkles, to name a few. As a do-it-all ingredient, retinol may be the key to helping your skin look younger overall. When it’s paired with soothing and protective c-PDRN®, you may be able to avoid irritation that sometimes accompanies retinol.

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You Need Antioxidants Too

Antioxidants found in vitamins, for example, are equally important parts of an effective anti aging skincare routine. Antioxidants come in many forms, including plant-based botanicals, black tea extract, vitamins C and E, and niacinamide. You can help protect your skin from environmental stressors such as pollution and UV damage with antioxidant-rich skincare formulas. Prevention is vital for protecting your skin. Antioxidants also promote repair and healing functions for damaged skin. If you have sun damage or acne scars, look for a scar gel rich in antioxidants. Did you know allium cepa (onion bulb) is super rich in antioxidants and helps seal in moisture and improve the look of old and new scars? This is just one of many antioxidant-rich ingredients to look for.

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Look to The Future

The best advice is not to wait on starting an anti aging skincare routine. Even if you aren’t seeing the visible signs of aging yet, you can get started with products packed with nourishing, moisturizing ingredients. Most of your essential skincare products need to be used every day, too, if you want to get the most out of their formulas. It’s important to remember that short of a medical procedure, there are no “quick fixes” in skincare. But with the right products and patience, you can face the future with minimal skincare concerns.

About Rejuran®

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