Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business. The only problem is that a surprising number of marketers are doing it wrong.

To make it easy for you to reach out to new customers using email marketing, we will share with you 5 handy tips.

We will mainly focus on reaching out to new potential prospects and how to convert them better.

1. Personalize Your Emails



For most marketers, email marketing means sending out tens of thousands of emails and hoping that some of your prospective customers get back to you or convert. However, that is the wrong approach.

In today’s world, the more you personalize your emails, the higher your conversion rate and overall success metrics will be.

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For personalization, there are 2 aspects of the email which you can work on.

The Subject Line:
Never should you use a generic email line. You have to research every prospect. The subject line should be such that the prospect realizes that you know about them.

Only then, the open rates will be through the roof, and it will become easier for you to convert the prospect or customer through email marketing.

First Line of the Email:
Not only the subject line but the first line should be personalized as well. That way, you can start on a strong note and force the prospect or customer to read the rest of the email. Also, keep in mind that most people get to see your first sentence before opening the letter itself.

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With the help of these two simple tips, it becomes easier for you to increase your open rate exponentially and, therefore, the conversions.

2. Keep It Short and Sweet

Most marketers make the mistake of including a lengthy sales copy in the mail.

Would you read an email that has over 500 words? I wouldn’t!

That is why, before you send out your emails, you have to proofread them to shorten the email. Only when the email is to the point can you expect the prospect or customer to read it and take some action.

If you cannot shorten the email yourself, you can hire a copywriter for the same. The copywriter will craft your message more strategically and in fewer words, which will increase the chance of your prospect reading the email.

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3. Work On Your Offer



The most crucial part of strategic email marketing is your offer. If your offer is not up to the mark, you won’t get new customers no matter how many tips you implement from this guide.

Wondering how to make your offer more attractive? We will share with you a handful of tips below.

Make your offer a no brainer:

Your offer should be a no-brainer.

Let’s say you offer business consolidation services. Rather than stating the same in the middle, you have to state something like, “I can help your business grow by 15% in the next quarter.”

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“I recently helped XYZ company increase their revenue by 15% in a quarter and would love to do the same for you.”

These offers can grab the attention of any prospect. Try and understand how we made the entire offer about them in their benefit rather than what we want.

So, you have to craft your offer for your email campaign.

State what you have done and can do for them:
You have to constantly state in your email what you can do for them and what you have done in the past for other clients. If you have some marquee name clients, drop their names in the email as well. That will undoubtedly help you get better traction.

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Include a call to action:
Never make the mistake of not including a call to action in your email. It can be a simple thing like- reply to this email to set up a meeting time or something like that. However, the call to action should be pretty straightforward.

When you act on these three tips, you can make your offer much more attractive and increase the conversion rate.

4. Create a Strategic Campaign

Email marketing is not spamming. It does not mean that you have to send out 10,000 emails hoping that someone will get back to you.

You have to be much more strategic than that.

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There are a few tips that will help you create strategic email marketing campaigns rather than spammy ones.

Always clean your list:
You shouldn’t just scrape your list from any source and start sending emails. That will mean that many non-functional emails are on the list, which will hurt your email deliverability. Ultimately, it will hurt your IP and domain reputation. Therefore, you have to clean your list before you start an email campaign constantly.

Test the sending times:
Time and again, you have to test the different email sending times and figure out what time you get the highest open and the response rate. After that, you have to send your emails only during those hours.

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Always follow-up:
Follow-ups can make the difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful one. That is why you have to always follow up with a simple email that can garner their attention. It can be just a message like, bumping this up for your attention.

It will certainly get you much more responses than just sending out a single email to each prospect.

Work on improving deliverability:

You have to consistently improve the deliverability of your domain as well as your IP address. This involves checking your domain and IP reputation from time to time. You need to also warm up your domains before commencing your email campaign. So, always follow some effective tips which can help you improve deliverability.

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With the help of these handfuls of tips, you will be able to create a strategic email marketing campaign that will help you reach out to new customers in a much more effective way.

5. Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly



Most emails these days are read on mobile phones. That is why, when reaching out to customers through email marketing, you have to ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly. There are three steps which you can take in this regard.

Make sure your email is a single column email:
Your email should be a single-column email. That way, they can be responsive, and your recipients can read them on tablets, smartphones, and so on.

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Use larger fonts:
It is always a good idea to use larger fonts in your emails. That way, you can easily read the text on the smartphone.

Make sure images, if any are on the small side:
If you’re using images in your emails, make sure that they are of a smaller size. Only smaller images are easily visible on the smartphone.

When you follow these 3 tips, it becomes easy to make your emails mobile-friendly and increase the open and the response rate.

So, creating a strategic email marketing campaign is not that difficult. All you need to do is follow our guide above and act on the tips we have highlighted. Once you do so, your email marketing campaign will be effective and lead to new customers.

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