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Champagne Pink

Summer weddings are all about colors, vibrancy, and joy. Adding as many colors as possible in every aspect of the wedding through decor, flowers, and attires is what makes summer weddings a fun affair. The bride also should try adding more colors to the wedding through her attire and makeup.

The summer wedding styling 101 for brides dictates that vibrant and peppy colors always rocks. The styling mantra of summer brides should be comfy yet glam. The best way to achieve this comfy summer bridal look is to go for lightweight lehengas, go light with makeup, opt for minimal jewelry, and to choose breezy outfits for all functions. Summer brides should try to experiment with color palettes to give a vibrant dimension to their D-day look. The most ideal way of infusing more unique tones and hues to a bridal day look is through the bridal outfit and bridal eye makeup.

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They say our eyes are the window to our soul, and rest assured every one of us wishes for our window to soul to look nothing but gorgeous on our D-day. Sultry bridal eye makeup is what adds a quintessential amount of drama to the entire bridal look. There are several bridal eye makeup look options for summer brides to choose from, they can go for Evermore smokey eye, shimmery eyes, unicorn hues, rose gold, and many more hues.

So if you are a summer bride who is looking for bridal eye makeup tips to amp up your eyes look and add unique and exotic colors to your eye makeup palette, here is a summer eye makeup guide for you –

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Champagne Pink –

Champagne Pink

 Pink resonates best with both the bride and summer and hence comes as a natural choice of bridal eye makeup color. To achieve an idyllic champagne pink eye makeup look start with eyebrows.

Work delicately on the eyebrows and then move on to the eyelids. Use an eye makeup brush to apply a warm shade of pink all over the eyelids. Make sure the color doesn’t spread to the area around the eyes. Now apply a deep rosy-champagne eyeshadow hue on the inner and outer sides of the eyelids. To give it more of a 3-D look, take a bit of brighter pink eyeshadow shade and apply it in the middle portion of the eyelids.

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To further give it a dramatic edge, top it off with a bit of glitter. Complete the look with a thin or thick layer of eyeliner according to your preference and quote your lashes with heavy mascara.

Blue Hue –


 Blue is the most regal and vibrant tone in an entire bridal eye makeup palette. The color is also celebrated as a forever new color. Shimmery blue eyes are always a show-stopper. While it goes well with bridal attire too, blue is also just the perfect hue for your Mehendi, Sangeet, cocktail party, or reception party eye makeup look.

There are certain preconditions to look into before choosing blue eye makeup look for your D-day. Make sure unlike the generic bridal outfit colors like red, maroon, peach, pink, and orange your bridal outfit has some unconventional colors or has a blue color in it. If the requirement of blue color is met by your bridal outfit, you can easily progress to apply blue on your eyelids. Add some depth to the look by applying a bit of deep shade of blue in the last.

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Shimmer or no shimmer both work best and you can choose according to your preference for a subtle look or a dramatic look. Complete the look with the application of heavy mascara or simply go for fake eyelashes.

Light Golden –

img 6230007e9ab98 - Eye Makeup Colors That Are Perfect For Peppy Summer Bride

 Light Golden is best to go for if you wish to keep your bridal eye makeup neutral and not invest much time into color-coding everything for it seems mundane to you. The step-by-step guide to achieving a glam and glitzy light golden eye makeup look is here-

  • First, take an eye makeup brush and use it to apply a silver-white eyeshadow shade in the inner corners of the eyelids.
  • Apply a layer of golden shade over the silver-white shade and make sure the golden shade is light in color and is not too jarring.
  • To give your eyes a 3-D look and impart some depth to them, apply a dark shade of black or brown in the outer corners of the eyelids.
  • Add a thick layer of eyeliner to the look and complete it with fake eyelashes. You can go for either heavy eyelashes or lighter lashes by how well you can handle the fake lashes. The ideal would be to go for lighter lashes and add a thick coat of mascara to them.
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Purple Ombre –


 The key to giving a psychedelic and vibrant edge to your summer bridal look and make a style statement through your bridal look is experimenting with some unconventional colors. Purple is one such unconventional color.

On a color wheel, purple stands opposite to brown, and hence the color always stands out and gets highlighted. If added to your eye makeup palette, this color would allow your eyes to pop.

Achieving Purple ombre eye makeup look is relatively easy. First, apply purple eyeshadow shade all over your eyelids. Be delicate while applying the eyeshadow to avoid any fuss. For achieving bridal smokey eyes look try using a mix of different shades. Next, apply a light shimmer lavender hue in the middle of the eyelids to brighten up the entire look. Finish it up with heavy mascara.

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Besides color palettes, some other factors should also be considered by the bride to achieve a perfect summer bridal look. These factors are –

The bridal makeup for dusky skin tone would be different from bridal makeup for lighter skin tone hence before finalizing a perfect color for eye makeup, also consider your natural skin undertones. Try making notes of which color best complements your complexion.

The makeup artist should try understanding the eye shape and the face of the bride to give her the desired eye makeup look.

When it comes to eye makeup the shape of the eye, placement of the lash, and placement of color are as important as the color itself.

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