It goes without saying that finding the right hosting for your Magento store isn’t easy. To run your Magento eCommerce site, you are supposed to have all the know-how you can to ensure a smooth experience. In simpler words, finding the right host for your store can be a lot more easy only if you know what you are looking for.


Types Of Website Hosting Solutions


If you are looking for the Best Magento Hosting then you should first know that it can run on all kinds of hosting platforms and plans. However, not all are totally suitable considering the nature of the application. Web hosting is broken down into three categories;

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1-Shared Hosting

In this category, you are provided with single piece hardware platforms that are shared among several users. Now shared hosting really is a suitable option for your Magento store as your store requires the right availability of resources in order to function properly.


2-Virtual Private Server

If you want to know what’s the most demanded and the best web hosting solution for Magento then it’s VPS-Virtual Private Server. The reason why it’s the best is that it offers everything including dedicated resources, real-time scalability and on top of it, security.


3-Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is one of the highest plans of web hosting. With such hosting, you basically are the sole owner of the server and you can configure it as per your requirements. It’s true that this hosting plan is the best but at the same time, people usually don’t opt for it because of the high price with which it comes. For example, if you are running a small or medium Magento store, dedicated hosting might not be suitable for you as you’ll have to pay for the entire server which can be costly.

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Things To Consider When Choosing A Magento Hosting For Your Online Store


If you are new to this process and don’t know the criteria of choosing the right Magento hosting then here’s a list of some important factors you should consider;


1-Does The Hosting Provider Specialize In Magento?


Magento is an open source platform which means that you won’t be able to find a company that can help you in case some errors come up. Now this is where you need a hosting provider that specializes in Magento and can help you whenever you have any queries. Other than getting support, if your hosting provider knows Magento well, he can easily help you avoid common mistakes that can affect your store and can also assist you in setting up your online eCommerce business.

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2-Sometimes Bigger Is Not Better


One of the biggest mistakes people often make is that they look for the biggest and the most well-reputed Magento hosting providers for their store. Companies like Microsoft and IBM sure are some of the biggest Magento partners but if you opt for their services, you might not get the kind of in-depth attention that you need. Moreover, these companies charge a lot so for a small or medium Magento store, managing the budget here can be quite difficult.


The best thing to do is to look for a smaller host who provides you the right kind of support that you need to manage your store. Especially if you are looking for more of a partner than a web host then give Devrims a try right away. The company will provide a hands-on approach to host your online store.

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3-Don’t Always Look For Cheap Hosting Services


It’s true that as a business owner, you want to save money whenever it’s possible but when choosing a host, don’t make the same mistake. If you opt for a low-priced Magento hosting, it can cost you a lot in the long run. In order to make more profit, what such companies do is that they load up their servers with massive numbers of clients. This means that you might not be able to access and use the Magento resources when you need them and this ultimately leads to a slow loading page and database errors that’ll be no good for your store. It’s not that we are asking you to break your bank when looking for a host but the wiser thing to do is to opt for a reasonably priced hosting so that things can run smoothly for you.

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Because Magento is an open-source and robust platform, new versions keep rolling out with the passage of time. Now this is why it’s of utmost importance that your web hosting provider offers compatibility. You are supposed to ask your hosting provider if the support for the latest Magento versions like PHP 7.x  or Magento 2.3.2 is available.


5-Consider The Speed


Without a doubt, speed and performance are two of the most important factors that one must consider when choosing a host for his Magento store. The reason is that a slow loading website will always have a higher bounce rate which is the last thing you want as it’ll turn your customers away. You are supposed to focus on the speed factor and ask your hosting provider if he can provide you an optimized stack for your store including mechanisms like Redis and Varnish. Such a stack can help you reduce the database operation required for requests.

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Running a Magento store is not easy especially if you don’t have the right know-how for it. On top of that, you already have a lot on your plate when running an online store which is why you need to have the right hosting provider at your end. Consider the above-mentioned factors, take your time, do your homework first and then decide which web host you’ll be working with. The right host can work wonders for your website, can help you optimize your store, improve its speed, performance and improve your user experience too.

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