Are you looking for Private Instagram Profile Viewer No Survey Apps? Then you are in the right place. Here we are listing some best Instagram Private Account Viewer App that works with no survey and looking at how you can view private Instagram profiles and view private Instagram accounts using some of the best Insta profile viewers. If you don’t know what a Private Account is and want to set your account hidden from public users, check our article to do it.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles With No Survey

Instagram is one of the most famous and trustworthy social networking platforms where you can share your videos and images with your friends and family. On Instagram, you would be able to control whether anyone can check out your profile or content like images and videos by toggling the private account option.

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With the help of this option, all the strangers on Instagram would not be able to go through your profile for sure. By enabling this setting, you made your Instagram account into a private Instagram account so that nobody can access it without your permission. Only your approved followers and you can view your Instagram profile and its contents, but with Private Instagram viewer apps, it is possible to check all images and videos without becoming or following a friend.

The Private Instagram Viewer apps allow you to see any private Instagram profiles or accounts, and to use, and you need the URL or username of the targeted Instagram account. We are now in 2022, and as per the latest update, we are listing 25 Instagram viewer apps that offer a free Instagram profile viewing feature. The list also includes Instagram Story Viewer apps.

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Private Instagram Viewer App With No Survey That Works

Choosing a reliable Private Instagram Viewer app with so many options becomes challenging. So are you looking for the best and most genuine private Instagram viewer that works right now? If yes is your answer, then you are in the right place. So here you would come to know about the best Private Instagram Viewer in 2021. Also, note that there is some private Instagram viewer app available for mobile in which the working is an entirely different way. So here we are listing only web-based applications.

1. InstaGrab – Instagram Profile Download

Instagrab is a good application that offers No Survey for Instagram download. It is a clean and simple tool that helps you download any Instagram Post Images and Videos. Enter the post URL, and you can download the Photo, Video, etc., from the Instagram Profile. It also offers the option to download IGTV, Reels, and Private Post Images.

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2. InstaFreeView – Free Instagram Viewer App

InstaFreeView is our latest addition to Free Instagram Profile viewer app. The tools are straightforward. You can enter the username as per your choice ad hit the search button to view all the latest posts from that particular Instagram account. However, make sure to input a non-private Instagram username to get the results. The tool is free and is available without any survey and human verifications.

3. Private Insta – Instagram Private Profile Viewer App

If you are looking for a genuine and easy-to-use private Instagram viewer, then you should go Private Insta without any second thought for sure. It is a perfect tool to see private Instagram profiles and various content. Moreover, it can extract several posts of private accounts on Instagram.

You need to copy and paste the Username of the account you want to view. While entering the username, you must press the Submit icon to search and extract those posts. After completing the process, you should participate in a simple survey and answer all the questions. After doing this, you would see the images and videos of that particular private Instagram account.

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4. InstaRipper – Instagram Profiles Viewer

InstaRipper is another private Instagram viewer app that allows anyone to access other Instagram profiles or accounts or recover their account. It would be better to understand that you should download the app to your computer to target the Instagram account. It provides daily updates and brings advanced features that can help in blocking any patch from Instagram’s Security system.

5. Insta Looker – Instagram Private Profile Viewer No Survey Tool

Insta Looker is another perfect private Instagram viewer where you only need to enter the target account username and press continue. After completing the surveys, you can easily download or view pictures and videos of that particular account without any issues. The whole process is simple and easy to understand for everyone.

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6. Watch Insta – Instagram Private Viewer

Watch Insta is one of the reliable and genuine Instagram profile viewer tools available in the market for users worldwide. It helps show you the pictures present in the post of the targeted user profile.

The functionality and working of this Instagram private account viewer will consume about 2-3 minutes. As a user of this app, you should enter the username of the targeted account and complete a short survey. Now, you can view the photos or videos and even post them hassle-free.

7. mSpy Instagram Viewer & Tracker

Next, we have in the list is an Instagram tracking tool called mSpy, as the name says it is an Instagram tracking tool which helps you to monitor other’s Instagram account. It can also be used as a kid’s Instagram tracking and monitor tool for the parents. mSpy can read all the Instagram messages, shared links, etc. So this tool can offer complete control of other Instagram accounts, mainly to parents who wish to keep an eye on their kid’s online activities. One downside of mSpy Instagram tracking is that it requires root permission.

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8. Like Creeper – Insta Viewer App

Like Creeper is a simple and amazing tool that helps you view any private Instagram video pictures without any survey or file installation, so there is no need to fill up the details regarding the survey while using this tool.

Go through the website and click Click here to begin, and you will be redirected to another page. You would be entering the username you would like to see and hitting enter. Then, after waiting for some time, you can see the best results you are looking for.

9. View Private Photos – View Private Instagram App

Like any other private Instagram viewer app, View Private Photos is a well-known app solely made to view any private Instagram Photos. You only need to enter the username of the targeted Instagram account and press submit.

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Once you are done with this, you can access the profile and various other posts. It has an excellent interface, making it more genuine and straightforward to use for anyone.

10. IGExclusive – IG Private Viewer

It is a free private Instagram viewer application that lets you access any private Instagram profile. So there is no need to pay anything for using it, and it would take a minute to complete the process.

You should enter the user name of the target Instagram account, you are ready to go, and you can go through any Instagram profile pictures even without an Instagram account. You would be glad to know that there is no need to fill any survey and you can go ahead without doing it. It would make your experience better, and you would love to use it.

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11. Insta Dp – Private IG Viewer

The user interface of this tool is straightforward to understand for the users. Therefore, it would help you get your task done hassle-free and quickly. All you need is to copy and paste the username of the targeted Instagram profile and click on the search icon present there.

After this process, you should answer some simple questions in the form as a part of the survey. Then, it would redirect you to the profile of that particular Instagram account, where you can easily access all the posts.

12. Gwaa – Instagram Viewer App

Gwaa is one popular private Instagram profile viewer app, and it is free to use. They provide options to view and download the photos and images from the Instagram profile page. To view and access the service, you need to go to their website and enter the Instagram user name.

It will take some time to fetch the details, and once done, you will get the details of the profile, and you can verify the same. After confirming, you can see the profile details and download the posts from the profile.

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Unfortunately, Gwaa requires human verification to download the profile details.

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13. Private Photo Viewer – Private Instagram Photo Viewer App

Private Photo Viewer is another great Instagram Stalker that helps you to view the private profile. To view the private images and videos, go to the tool page and enter the username. Next, you need to confirm the user profile. Finally, select what you would like to view, Image or Video, and proceed.

14. Image Rocket – Real Private Instagram Viewer

Image Rocket is the next addition to the list that helps you view private Instagram accounts without human verification or surveys. To view the private profile images or videos, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the website and enter the profile name.
  • Now, hit on the search button.
  • Next, you can see the photo, profile, and posts of the entered user name.
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Currently, Image Rocket is offering the no survey option for private Instagram account viewing. Hopes that continue as it is.

15. MyStalk

MyStalk is a new addition to the list. It is a free Instagram Profile viewer application to view the profile posts, images, videos, and stories anonymously. What we like about the tool is its fast data loading. Unlike other free Instagram viewer apps, MyStalk loads fast, and you can see the profile posts quickly. But we found the application contains many ads, which may be pretty annoying.

16. Inflact Profile Viewer (Formerly Ingramer)

Inflact is a simple to use the web too. It is also called the web viewer for Instagram, in which you can view the Instagram post details anonymously. Enter the profile id in the search field and hit the search button.

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You can see the list of profile post items within a few seconds.

17. InstaStories – Best Instagram Viewer

InstaStories is a free tool that helps you to view the Instagram stories of other users privately. The tool is simple and can be used without filling or doing any survey. Directly enter the username and hit the search button. The app will list all the latest stories and the particular user’s Instagram posts. You can view or download the photos and videos as you are interested.

18. InstaSaved

InstaSaved is also an anonymous Instagram story downloader. This tool is free to use, and you can view the profile posts of any Instagram profile with this app. The only need is the username of the Instagram account you wish to see privately. No registration or survey is needed to use this Instagram viewer app. You can search using a profile name or any hashtag in this app.

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19. IGLookup

IG Lookup is the last item on our list for August 2021. IG Lookup also offers public and private accounts access to view their service. However, they require you to complete the service to access the private Instagram account.

20. InstaSpy

InstaSpy is yet another private Instagram viewer app with no survey option. It provided the option to view the private profile without a human survey. But recently noted that it was not working as before, so we no longer recommend the app to view the Instagram account.

21. IGExclusive

Same as InstaSpy, IGExclusive was also not recommended now. But it was also one notable app that offered the Instagram viewer option without the survey, and It showed the Instagram Images, Videos view for free.

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APKUN is another free online tool to view the Instagram profile posts and stories. In this tool, you can provide the username of the Instagram user and hit the search button. If an account exists in the username, the app will list the same. You need to click on the listed username to view the posts associated with the Instagram user.

23. Anon IG Viewer – Anonymous Instagram Viewer

Anon IG Viewer is another free tool for viewing Instagram profile posts and stories freely and anonymously. With this tool, you only need the username of the target profile. Enter the username in the search box to do a quick search. The application will list all the similar Instagram profiles matching your keyword. Click on the username to view all the Instagram stories and profile posts, including photos and videos. The tool is available without any captcha verification or survey.

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24. Anonymous Story – View Instagram Stories

As the name says, Anonymous Story is a tool that offers 100% anonymity in viewing Instagram profile stories and posts. It is a web app available on both mobile and desktop. However, the tool is designed in a mobile-compatible view. It makes the experience of viewing the stories and profile posts the same as in the Instagram app or web app. Anonymous Story is a free tool without any Survey.

25. HumanSpy – Instagram Tracking Tool

Like the mSpy app, HumanSpy is also an Instagram tracking tool that helps you monitor an Instagram account’s activity. The tools let you see all the Instagram posts, comments, and all the online activity of the target account.



At last, you are aware of the best private Instagram viewer apps, which you should consider right now to see private Instagram profiles. The apps mentioned above would surely help you check out the pictures and videos of the targeted Instagram account for sure.

They are simple to use, and survey questions are more essential. All you need is to enter the correct username of the targeted Instagram profile, and you are done. Just try it from your end and share your valuable experiences with us!

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