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If you’re a homeowner with multiple smart home devices, you know it’s always a good idea to invest in products that make integration and functionality of the household as seamless as it can get. Motion sensors for instance can serve as an upgrade for your smart devices so that they may turn on or off by simply detecting movement. This can prove to be beneficial not just so as to help maintain the security and privacy of users, but also for energy efficiency purposes.


How Motion Sensors Work Towards a Household’s Benefit

Here’s 4 key factors that are benefits brought around by using motion sensors integrated to the smart devices in your Smart Home.

  1. An Improved Standard of Security
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There are several, different ways you can integrate a motion sensor into your smart home devices to maintain the security and well-being of your family.

To ensure that you’re safe and protected, homeowners can install motion sensors alone along windows or any other entry points to their house that can alert them of intruders. Not only are motion sensors great for identifying people, but can also detect as well as differentiate between other objects, and cars and animals too. Whether you’re afraid of intruders trying to enter your home or unwanted animals in your lawn that could potentially ruin your new flowerbed, motion sensors are perfect to keep you connected.

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You would find that motion sensors are most commonly integrated into floodlights and light bulbs, which make for an excellent way of driving away any intruders and trespassers. With motion-sensing light bulbs, whenever activity is detected, they will automatically turn on and tend to startle the intruder and eventually drive them away.


  1. Helps Ensure Safety

Not only is it necessary to protect yourself and your home from unwanted intruders, but animals as well. In some stated wild animals can also pose a significant threat to homeowners should they manage to get inside the premises, which can be harmful not only to you but your pets and can potentially damage your yards too. With motion sensors built into or integrated with your surveillance cameras, they can help detect anytime there’s something wandering about in your yard. That is why it is usually recommended that you install multiple floodlights and yard motion sensors.

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Smart cameras with motion sensors can not only be placed outside but also inside your home as well, like in the baby nursery or the spot where your pet usually sleeps so you can get notification alerts on any movement around the specific area, along with around the clock access to a live video feed to ensure that your baby or your pet are safe.


  1. The Convenience Factor

Motion sensing lights can do wonders when it comes down to convenience. If you’ve ever struggled while fumbling for your keys standing on the front porch or had a difficult time finding the light switch on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, then motion sensing light bulbs will probably be a great investment.

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By detecting movement, these lights immediately light up so you’re never stuck with the grocery bags in the dark while you try to fit your key into the front door. It can especially be useful for those with little kids in the house or if the elderly live with them. Since kids and older people are more prone to getting injured motion sensing light bulbs can be super helpful in guiding them.

Or better yet, they can just be helpful when you’re feeling extra lazy and don’t want to turn your lights on and off as you enter or exit the room. It means you can finally have your live that futuristic lifestyle of having smart lights in your home that automatically switch on and off without you having to lift a finger.

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  1. Saving a Lot of Energy

It’s no wonder that motion sensing lights help you save up on a few bucks while helping preserve the environment. Having your lights consistently turn off when you leave or aren’t around can significantly help you in reducing your monthly electric bill.

Motion sensors when featured in or integrated with your smart thermostats can play a significant role in conserving energy since they allow for the thermostat to turn off when there’s no one at home and or even just switch to an ecofriendly mode. So if you look at it from the long term perspective, you get to save a significant amount on your energy bill without having to compromise on the comfortability of arriving to a cozy home environment every day.

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If you weren’t already aware of this, a lot of smart devices now feature built in motion sensor technology, and even if not motion sensors can be bought separately and are easy to integrate to other devices. They may be pricey in the market but the benefits that they bring forward are only beneficial for homeowners in several ways. We hope this article was able to give you a good insight into this!

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