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JavaScript is the most used programming language among developers around the world. Millions of websites are dependent on it and it has attracted a slew of web developers and designers to create new features. You should learn JavaScript if you’re new to programming. It’s an effective tool for getting your feet wet.

In the initial phase, JavaScript was majorly used for only client-side scripting. This was about for 20 years. Apart from this developers used to work in more than one programming language and framework to prepare the front end and back end of the app. But, now since the inception of Node.js, it has all become easy. Node.js is a tun time environment that has everything that is required to execute a JavaScript-based written program.

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In this blog, we will discuss everything about Node.js which can help you to get an idea about this run time environment.

What is Nodejs?

Node.js is an open-source framework that is used for executing web apps outside of the client’s browser. The JavaScript Engine V8 of Google Chrome is used to create this environment.
It is used for the server-side programming language that was created with real-time push-based architectures in mind. Its non-blocking event-driven I/O model makes it ideal for data-intensive real-time applications that run across several devices.

In basic terms, the entire site may be operated on a single stack,’ which simplifies creation and maintenance while concentrating on the business goals. One thing to keep in mind regarding Node.js is that it is a runtime environment rather than a framework or library.

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An RTE is a set of Web APIs that a developer may use to create code, as well as a JavaScript engine to interpret that code. This makes it light, versatile, and simple to deploy, all of which will aid in the optimization and speeding up the entire application development project.

What is Nodejs used for?

It is very important to know what is Node.js used for so that you can decide whether you want to be used in your project or not.


Nodejs offers powerful and exclusive capabilities for building real-time chatbots. Multi-user apps, intense data, and substantial traffic across all platforms are all attractive aspects of chatbots. Node.js is ideal for chat and chatbot apps because it works on all devices and covers all paradigms. Apart from it gets easy to release push notifications with Nodejs and server-side event loops are also easy to use. These features are very common in IMs and real-time apps.

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Internet of Things

IoT applications are typically made up of numerous sensors since they send little bits of data that can accumulate into a huge number of requests. Node.js is a fantastic choice because it can process multiple requests rapidly. These are some of the reasons which show how famous Node.js is in the market. Several major companies are using Node.js such as Netflix, PayPal, Trello, Walmart, etc.

Data streaming

Streaming means transmitting data in large volumes instead of sending it in small batches. It is used by the companies that own audio and video streaming applications and heavily depends on them for making revenues. The built-in streaming modules of Node.js allow both readable and writable data streams, which makes it better than others. It is the preferred choice of most developers when it comes to integrated audio and video streaming. You can imagine how strong this environment is when we consider that Netflix, a global video service provider, employs Node.js.

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Complex single-page applications

As a web development approach, Single-Page Applications (SPAs) are a popular way to build applications in which the entire application is contained on one page, sharing many features with desktop applications.

SPAs are now commonly utilized to build social networking apps, online text tools, drawing, and a variety of other applications. Gmail is a famous example of a SPA, with its consistent design and real-time updating of new messages.

These apps require asynchronous calls and data-intensive workloads that Node.js can handle very well.

Popular Companies using Nodejs

People always believe in looking at real-life examples, instead of just hearing the pros of any particular thing. The same applies to Nodejs. Why should they trust Nodejs? Well, here are some of the most well-known companies that have relied on Nodejs.

  • Netflix
  • LinkedIn
  • Uber
  • PayPal
  • NASA
  • Walmart
  • Twitter
  • Trello
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It is suggested to choose a popular Nodejs development company so that you will also get better assistance and support which these companies have availed. Have a look at the Nodejs benefits so that you can analyze how these companies have gained success over years by using Nodejs.

Advantages of Nodejs

Let’s discuss some of the major advantages of Nodejs that one can have by using it –


Nodejs application is highly scalable. While vertical scaling increases the resources available to the current nodes, on the other handle, horizontal scaling lets you add additional nodes more quickly. It works with a series of micro services and modules, hence does not require extensive blocks to complete the entire development process.

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It is simple to use and learn therefore it’s an ideal choice for people who wants to grow their business.

Easy to Learn

Nodejs will be easier for a developer who is already familiar with JavaScript. However, you should have a basic understanding of back end development, and knowing the programming language will make things much easier. As a result, switching to Nodejs for the back end was simple for engineers. With basic knowledge, even novice developers can utilize it, and working with it requires less effort and energy.

Large community

The Nodejs developer community is strong and has an active collection of developers who work to improve Nodejs on a regular basis. JavaScript programmers and their contributions to the community have played a crucial role in its success. This platform gives you access to the topmost ready-to-use solutions and a plethora of other options that can help you in developing an app in less time.
Despite the fact that it is still in its early stages of growth, the community is growing rapidly, and its members go above and beyond to supply others with best-in-class, dependable solutions.

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Boosts development speed

Through its lightweight and varied tools, Nodejs allows developers, to accelerate the web app development process. NPM provides a wide array of solutions, modules, and libraries to create web apps with a minimum amount of effort while acquiring more value. Nodejs has a lot of reusable templates along with the NPM library, which helps developers in minimizing the bugs and the size of the app.

Features of Nodejs



By default, Nodejs is asynchronous, meaning it does not block. It shows that when a client sends a request to a server, a single thread handles the request and determines whether or not it requires database interaction. If the request does not interact with the database, it is processed and the server responds to the client.  You can now begin the next task without any disruption.

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Nodejs is a single-threaded programming language. Its architecture is based on the Single-Threaded Event Loop Model, which can manage numerous client requests. Event loop threads are executed by a single thread, but input and output work are handled by two threads in the background because the API’s input and output operations are asynchronous to support the event loop. Nodejs performs all its non-blocking tasks through the Event Loop.


Event-driven programming is similar to asynchronous programming’s callback functions. The only difference is that when the asynchronous function provides its result, the callback function executes and events are generated on the attached event handler. Node comes with a module that has an Event Emitter class that allows developers to create event-driven programming. An event handler is a function that is invoked when a specific event occurs. The main loop listens for event triggers before invoking the appropriate event handler.

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Node Package Manager(NPM)

Node Package Manager is a Node JavaScript runtime environment. It’s a package manager and also one of the most recommended features of the Nodejs installer.


Caching Nodejs has a significant cache advantage. The first time a Nodejs module is requested, it is cached in the application RAM. We won’t have to re-run the programs since caching helps the application to load web pages faster and reply to the user more quickly.


As you can see, Nodejs is a powerful technology that performs admirably in a variety of situations. There are many Nodejs application examples available, and this technology can be useful for your project. Furthermore, the large Nodejs community is continually trying to improve the platform and make it the best of all. Pick the best Nodejs development services from a reputable app development firm like us and open the gate to success. We can help you out in fulfilling your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

What is Nodejs development?

Nodejs enables the building of fast web servers in JavaScript by bringing event-driven programming to web servers. Instead of using threads, developers can utilize a simplified event-driven programming approach that employs callbacks to signal when a task is completed.

What is NodeJS and why use it?

As a server-side proxy, NodeJS allows for a large number of simultaneous connections to be handled without blocking the server. You can use it to proxy different services that have different response times or to gather data from multiple sources.

Is NodeJS hard to learn?

If you already have experience with JavaScript and strong programming skills, you can quickly learn Nodejs. On the other side, if you have no knowledge of JavaScript, it can take two to six weeks to learn Node.

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